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20 Famous Logos with Hidden Meanings that you probably never noticed

We come across many different & unique logos everyday in our homes, TV, online or on the streets. Because there are many brand logos we encounter every day that we often forget to pay attention to details. Many of these logos are designed with hidden meanings which we often miss. It’s always a worth to examine a logo of these famous brands & see what we can learn from them. For that purpose, we have collected & brought you some famous logos with hidden meanings & fascinating stories behind their designs. 1. Baskin Robins Image Source:  Baskin-Robbins Did you just saw “BR” or did you notice number 31 along with BR? The answer is both are included in Logo.  In 1953, when Baskin-Robins recruited the ad firm Ogilvy & Mather for advertising, they wanted to highlight that the company had a staggering number of ice cream flavors. Therefore, they designed a logo which represents number 31, which means Baskin-Robins have 31 incredible flavors, one for an each day of the mo