10 Hacks to Boost your Organic Reach on Social Media

When ever it comes to social media reach, Facebook is the first platform that comes to our mind. But, there are many other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram which may also help to increase your business. And to grow your business on social media, you need to have good organic reach on specific social media platforms.  
So, today we’re going to look at how to increase your organic reach on social media, but before that first let’s understand the term “Organic Reach”.

What is organic reach?

Organic reach on social media is a reach to the number of unique accounts present on specific social media platform have seen your content. It is the best type of reach as it reaches to the audience that are interested in that post. The more organic reach you have the more engagement you receive. In organic reach, paid promotion tools are not used to boost the reach of the post. Let’s see the ways to increase your organic reach on social media.

1. Focus your efforts on right social platform

Most brands and businesses assume that they need to be on every other social media platform, but that’s not necessary. Your audience may not have on every social media platform; therefore, focus on choosing right social media platforms. Following are some quick ways to help you decide which platform is useful for you:
  1. The best way to get correct information about audience is to simply ask your best customers. Ask your customers about which social platforms they use for business and personal use.
  2. If you have a blog, then keep check on where does your audience shares your blog on. There are many tools which will provide analytics report that shows who’s sharing your content and where they’re sharing it. Follow these numbers to figure out which social media platforms to focus on.
  3. Take a look at your competitors. Check where they are posting their posts.

2. Create effective social media profiles

Every feature of your social media profile can be adjusted for better visibility and optimization. Some of the tactics to optimize your social media profiles are:
  • Username should be easy to remember.
  • Descriptions should include keywords.
  • A recognizable and attractive brand logo.
  • A traceable link to drive your audience to your website.


3. Create and post evergreen content

Create evergreen content and post on social media platforms. Try to post something educational, inspirational and funny. Also, keep in minds that don’t publish your content with an expiration date. Humor, shock or happy are great emotions to indulge your audience. People will always share positive posts more than negative posts.

4. Don’t work harder, rather work smarter

Posting more content is not important. Instead we need to focus on posting relevant and high-quality posts. Posting less with higher quality will boost your organic reach more than spamming your page with more quantity of posts. Research suggests that you should post twice per day with unique content.

5. Use targeting to maximize organic reach

This strategy will vary from platform to platform; by adjusting the settings of your posts to target specific audience will help you to boost your organic reach. For Facebook, you can tweak your targeted audience with options like Gender, Relationship, Status, Education, Age, Location, Interests and Post end date. In same way, you can use hashtags on twitter to categorize your posts. Take any opportunity you can to better target your audience, so the right people view your posts.

6. Post during slow hours

Many people have a misconception that you should post your content when everyone is online. But that’s just going to throw your content into the ocean of posts that people are seeing. Therefore do research for the best time to post your content and avoid posting during peak hours. There are some general best times for posting which are as below:
  • Facebook – On Thursdays/Fridays between 1pm and 3pm
  • Twitter – On weekdays between 12pm and 6pm with trending hashtags
  • LinkedIn – On Tuesday – Thursday between 7am/8am and 5pm/6pm
Also, you should analyze your own audience behavior.

7. Post the right types of content

Don’t keep on posting the same type of content. Keep experimenting with your content and check which is best for you and has good organic reach. Try mix of images, status updates, links, and videos for your posts and use tools like Facebook insights to track your content and see which types of posts boost your reach. There are many such tools to track various social media platforms.

8. Promote your social profiles everywhere

Every place that your business has a presence should display your social media platforms. On your website, storefront, business cards, the signature on your emails, etc. You should also add follow buttons on your website so users can follow or like your page, without having to leave your blog or website. Also, you can cross-promote your social media profiles. Promote your twitter or Instagram handle on Facebook and vice-versa. Your presence should be known everywhere which will automatically grow your organic reach.

9. Post the right balance of promotional and other useful content

On coming to social media platforms you immediately want to promote your brand or service. But you can’t always think about yourself as user or audience expect to find content that’s useful to them. Sharing valuable content like motivational quotes, inspirational blogs, how-to guides etc.  grows a user’s trust in your product or service. 80% of your content should be useful, while 20% can be promotional. That 80% will bring new followers and build trust, and then they’ll see the 20% and will buy your product and service.

10. Interact and engage with your followers

An interaction plays a vital role in boosting your organic reach. If you properly interact with audience and reply to their comments, you’re going to build a great reputation. People will look for your posts because interactions build trusts. Bond is very important for all business; it increases your organic reach. Word-of-mouth will spread across new audience and they will come to your website or any social profile and see what your company has to offer.
This are some Secret Mantras to Boost your Organic Reach on Social Media. We have tried this hacks on our Facebook and Instagram, it has helped us a lot to grow. We hope this will help you to gain organic reach for your website.


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