Facebook vs Instagram: Which is the best platform to boost your business?

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Facebook vs Instagram

Are you looking to grow your business? Do you want to do social media marketing? And are you confused between which is the best platform to boost your business? Facebook and Instagram both are most popular and widely used platforms around the globe. The problem here is you don’t know which platform will increase your business. So this blog is going to help you to decide that. We will be having a closer look at the advantages and insights of both of these platforms. These statistics will help you to run a successful marketing strategy on best platform. To discover the best social media platform for your business, research on three main objectives that are engagement, reach and demographics.


Facebook is one of the oldest and most used social media platforms. It has larger number of active users as compared to any other social media and users keeps on increasing daily. Let’s see some statistics on platform and how will it help to promote your products or services.

1. Reach

Facebook is most popular and number one social media platform when it comes to reach. As per the statistics by first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion active members on their platform. Therefore, the reach on this platform is very high. So if you want to increase your business visibility, without targeting any specific audience, then Facebook is the perfect choice.

In addition to huge reach, Facebook does have lot of options for targeting audience. It is known as paid advertising. You can target your audience on following basis:

Locations – Target advertisement to peoples based on their locations. It can be categorized with country, state, city, district, zip code etc.

Age – You can target any age group peoples based on your requirement.

Gender – Target Ads to any gender specifically.

Languages –Target your audience of specific languages you required.

There are many more other available to target your specific audience. Facebook targets the audience as per your requirement and display your brand to those users resulting in reach of a brand to right audience.

Facebook Reach

2. Engagement

Facebook’s engagement ratio is low when compared to Instagram. But still platform generates the second highest number of user interactions. Many users follow a FB business page, but as per the statistics only 32% of them engage with brands. The ad targeting option can get you very specific kind of engagement you are looking for.

Facebook Engagement

3. Demographics

Facebook attracts users of all age groups and most popular among adults. Also Facebook has more number of female users than male users. It has 53% female and 47% male users. As per 2019 statistics, 75% of male internet users and 83% of female internet users are using Facebook. This platform is majorly popular among young adults. From among all users 88% internet users of age group 18-29 are on Facebook. Also 84% of Facebook users are of age group 30 to 49. These stats prove that Facebook is effective for reaching users of all age groups.

Facebook Demographics


Instagram is second most popular social media platform among all the platforms. This platform is majorly used by young adults. Here are a few statistics on this platform so you can better understand the advantages:

1. Reach

Instagram has now more than 1 billion monthly active users. Over 60% of total users log in daily on this platform making it as second most engaged social media platform after Facebook. From among total number of Instagram users, 90% of Instagram users are young. This huge number of worldwide users makes Instagram a perfect platform for boosting your business and brand promotion. Also just like Facebook, Instagram also allows you to target your specific audience.

Instagram Reach

2. Engagement

The best part about Instagram is that it has high engagement ratio as compared to any other social media platform. On an average day, user’s shares more than 95 million posts (i.e photos and videos) daily and these posts get an average total 4.2 billion likes in a single day. Also, users of this platform spend approximately 53 minutes per day. 70% of US businesses use Instagram for their marketing. From among all users on Instagram, about 80% users follow a business and about 68% users get engage with brands. From these stats we can conclude that Instagram have highest engagement rate which is good for growth of any brands.

Instagram Engagement

3. Demographics

Instagram is more famous in young adults. According to the statistics, Instagram has 50.3% female and 49.7% male users, which means that this platform has more female users than male users. Also as per the research, Instagram is most popular among young adults between ages of 18 to 29. 55% of internet users of this age group use this platform. This proves that Instagram attracts more to a younger audience. This platform is best platform for influence marketing.

Instagram Demographics

Comparison between Facebook and Instagram

1. Facebook for boosting visibility

Facebook has high reach as compared to Instagram. These platforms have a larger number of audiences with all age groups. So you will have a great chance of boosting your brand’s visibility using Facebook.

2. Instagram for better engagement

Instagram have better engagement rate as compared to Facebook. People interact with brands more through Instagram. The numbers of likes have major difference for the same brand on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Facebook for distributing information

On Facebook you are free to share unlimited links and website pages. So if you are looking to distribute informational posts, making awareness of your product and promoting your brands, then Facebook is the better option than Instagram.

4. Instagram to reach a younger audience

As we know, that Instagram appeals to a young audience, and its perfect platform to promote your business in young audience. If your targeted age group is between ages 18 to 29, then Instagram is right platform for your brand.

Comparison between Facebook and Instagram


Facebook and Instagram are both great platforms to boost your business. Choosing the right platform depends on what you want to achieve from the campaign. Both the platform are good for your business, each platform have its unique benefits and features.


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